God Provides


 God provides seeds

of internal life into heaven


God’s creatures are refresh

from Jesus rain of peace and love.

Let it come down over you.


Cleansed of the dirt of evil,

mankind is now reborn.

Bathed in his everlasting word.


Then you are provided everlasting

life in His Kingdom.

Gleaming Light


Slipping away fast
no matter the time.
He’s there for you.

His gleaming light has
guided many lost souls;
also those deserving ones.

Kissed by a gentle breeze
you are lifted to glory
washed of your sins.

With the most delicate ease
God’s grace seems to
welcome His children home.



God bless inside you a soul,

Through nine months of growth,

Came forth a being.


It started from day one,

Your sweet gentle love,

The molding of a person.


You taught what no other could.

That loves of one self;

Is through love and respect of others.


Years went by life became more then…

Brush your teeth and put the seat down,

It’s about honor, learning and love.


God’s grace and sacrifice,

I know this and more,

Through the teaching of you.

If pride is a sin,

Then I’m full of sin.

I’m so very proud of you!


Life is worth living for,

There are reasons we stand and fight,

Times we raise our voice for a cause.


Manhood is not about a number,

It’s about treatment of others,

About honor of God’s greatest gift.


I’m a man with a heart,

So full of love,

Know the beauty around.


You remove the shackles.

That allowed me to grow,

Now I’m able to live.


Thank you my dear mother for…

Lessons, Love & Life



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Bona -fide

Bona-fide is the love I carry in my heart.

Lasting till eternity as long as we hold hands,

Unmentionable are the words that we will part.

She say; he say will never divide our true love,

Holding hands I’m mesmerize by this work of art.


We have created a remarkable world of ecstasy,

Incredible is the effect you have had on my life,

Nomadic I will no longer be, truly devoted to your body

Everybody wishes to live such a world of great fantasy

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